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Flight Before Dawn

Before there was D-Day...

For over two years, she’s watched him.  Now he’s on her doorstep.  This is life in the Resistance.


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What Edward Heard

The Trenches shattered his hearing, But the Painting will change him Forever.


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North Star Home

Ann Scarlet is no thief,  but when the Yankee sheriff catches her she might just steal his heart.


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Across the River

For her, he'd go to the ends of the earth. When she disappears, he might have to.


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Painted Faces

Lights! Camera! Hollywood!


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In 1884, the world unites but division runs deep...


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The Collectors


Inheriting a secret was just the beginning...


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Friend. Enemy. Neutral. Small words. Words that war twists.


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While Aurora Slept

Aurora and her sister are inseparable, until dreams divide them. Literally.

“On the night of my sixteenth birthday, I fell asleep. When morning came, I didn’t wake up. It’s been a month and I’m still sleeping, but this isn’t the story that you think it is.” —Aurora“People think my name is Maleficent but that isn’t true. And as for crimes, all that I am guilty of is loving my sister. My sister is the dawn, Aurora.” — Midnight    

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Friend. Enemy. Neutral. Small words.
Words that war twists.

Switzerland is neutral, but Anna isn't. Her mother's German, her friends are Jewish and when she turns forger, she risks being FRAMED as the identities of those closest to her are shaken.

In 1938, Anna Schmidt, an art teacher on the Swiss- German border, receives a letter by accident. In it, she learns that Hitler has banned much of the art that she loves. As war grips the surrounding nations, Anna is torn. She's supposed to be neutral, but how can she be when she cares so much? Drawn into deceit and forgery by her friend Frau Schrader, she soon befriends the German Magda as they're under the watchful eye of the mysterious Herr Konrad. Anna must also contend with the love of the Germany of her childhood, a place where her grandparents still live and, were it not for her mountain, she would live in as well, as she navigates the mystery of Nikolaus, the frame maker.

In November 1942, everything changes. The border between neutral Switzerland and Nazi Germany is snapped shut. What's to become of Anna, the art, and the people whom she loves on both sides of the border?