Extra Ink Edits

From queries to perfectly polished manuscripts, Extra Ink Edits is here to help your writing shine. With over nine years of experience and having previously taught college writing, I'd be honored to read your writing and help you make it even stronger. Why is it called Extra Ink Edits? I believe in showing you what you have done especially well, in addition to what requires more work. That way, you can learn to become an even better writer. My most popular services are listed below. Editing of short stories, back cover blurb help, and specialized writing consulting can also be arranged. I look forward to hearing from you.


Editing Services

  • Query Critique

    Make the perfect first impression for agents or publishers with a polished query critique.


    Generally Same Day Service if Booked by 3PM EST

  • Synopsis Critique

    Having trouble effectively summarizing your entire manuscript into a couple of pages? Then you need synopsis help.


  • General Impressions Critique

    My professional opinion/ beta read of your entire manuscript includes all major observations of what you have done well and what needs more work, with helpful suggestions.

    Under 40,000 words $100

    40,000-70,000 words $150

    70,000-100,000 words $200

    For over 100,000 words, ask for a quote.

    Generally takes around a week.

  • Line Edits/Proofreading

    Make sure that your entire manuscript is polished and sparkling.

    $3.00 per page (standard double-spaced)

    Minimum 50 Pages for $3.00 pricing. If your manuscript is shorter, ask for a quote.

Client Testimonials


Extra Ink Edits gets its name from the extra ink that I use in showing you what you have done well, in addition to what needs more work. I believe in helping writers and teaching them how to craft their story in the best way possible.


My Top Tips for Writing Better

Easy Ways to Improve Your Work

Write A Lot

The more that you write, the more that the words will flow through you. Vary how you write, between pen and paper, and typing. Try your hand at different formats (poetry, short stories, and novels) and at different genres. Your writing is something that only you can do. Enjoy learning what your style is and seeing it flourish.

Read A Lot

Every time you read, you're learning something. Words, style, punctuation, and grammar sink into you. Read across genres, including the classics, to be exposed to more. The more that you read, the greater chance that the words have to pour from you. Become so saturated that you must write. This doesn't mean that you mimick what you see, but that a style all your own is more likely to emerge.

Gather Ideas

Take a walk outside. Visit a museum. Watch a Shakespearean play. Expose yourself to experiences that can positively impact your writing. Part of gathering ideas includes having a notebook. Ideas can be fleeting. Capture them in a place that you can return to them and see where they can carry you.