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Those of you who are regular readers know that I feature another author and his or her book on Writer Wednesday and that I read seasonally.

Christmas with the Colburns by Keely Brooke Keith fits that perfectly! Like a winter fire, this novella offers gentle warmth on a cold December night. Keely’s readers of the Land Uncharted trilogy will already be acquainted with members of the Colburn family who live on a hidden island in the South Atlantic. Although this is set in the near future, it retains historic, rustic charm as the Colburns were a part of the original settlers to the island that landed during the American Civil War. That nineteenth century way of life is largely preserved. I was privileged to read the story of those founders in an early copy of the book and was able to offer editorial advice. Watch for the story of the founders coming from CrossRiver Media in 2016!

In Christmas with the Colburns, Lydia Bradshaw, doctor, wife, mother, daughter and sister, must find a way to live all of those roles as she faces unexpected challenges and surprises in the season. I especially liked how Keely wove a touching story of the past into this seasonal chapter of the Colburns’ story. Needing an extra dose of festivity to boost her spirits, Lydia encounters an unexpected romance and family secret. It might be just the thing that she needs to make her Christmas merry.  And what Christmas would be complete without festive food? Keely has kindly provided a recipe from her own family that the characters of the book partake in at the end of this book.

If you haven’t read the other stories about the Colburns, this book does fine as a stand-alone. If you have read them, then it’ll read even better as you meet for Christmas with the characters that you know and love. If you’d like to read Christmas with the Colburns, you can obtain your copy here.

Happy Start of the Festive Season!

My best to you all,

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