Writer Wednesday- An Officer and a Spy

Writer Wednesday

Hello! It’s time for Writer Wednesday, when I discuss another author and his or her work.

The real Georges Picquart 

Robert Harris’An Officer and a Spy is a captivating story of the late nineteenth century Dreyfus Affair in France. It’s told in first person through Georges Picquart, an officer deeply connected to the events surrounding the Jewish officer Alfred Dreyfus. Although this is a work of historical fiction, the novel draws upon true history. In truth, this is not a book about an officer but about many. Likewise, a spy is central but espionage at large would be more accurate. From 1890s Paris to the French countryside and beyond, readers are propelled along a journey of seeking to find answers and the truth. Robert Harris presents a very engaging view into a little known avenue of history. It’s almost too wild to be true- almost, but not, and that is part of what makes this so thrilling. The characters have extra invested in them, because they were real. You want everything to be all right for them. Was it? You’ll have to read to find out yourself and to navigate all the avenues of history that this narrative takes you down.

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