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On this day in 1870, the fifteenth amendment for the United States Constitution was ratified. Its significance is that all American men, regardless of race, were entitled to vote. There are three important things to consider.
1) The Civil War had already ended five years before, when many assume that this right emerged. That testifies that even when battles are fought, the case is not necessarily closed.
2) Writing is often required to enact ideals that have already (at least in part) been fought for. Think of this as a historical case-in-point for “the pen is mightier than the sword”.
3) Although this made significant progress in assuring that all citizens could vote, only men were enfranchised at this point. What this means is that sometimes the entire story isn’t accomplished at once. Even legislation at times requires sequels.

Have a look at the original 15th Amendment, supplied by the National Archives, here

*This document is visible on the Wikipedia page about the 15th amendment.

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