The Importance of Ink and Why I’m an Editor

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My editing business is called Extra Ink Edits. Why?

More than just having red ink applied to your manuscript (characteristic big marks to draw your attention to glaring errors) I believe in helping you improve your writing. I’ve taught writing and I understand that you have to show writers what they’re doing well (or anyone in general) and not just mark what could be improved, in order to create the greatest success.

In my editing, I use extra ink. I use a three color system to edit. In green, I mark what the writer has done especially well. In red, I mark any grammar errors- think punctuation, tense or spelling. In blue, I mark areas that can be stylistically changed. It is not always necessary that these blue areas are changed. They aren’t mistakes exactly. Simply, it’s my professional opinion that they could be strengthened. I also write a cover letter explaining everything and adding overall impressions of the piece.

Each time I edit something for a client then, I am – I hope- not only helping the writer improve the particular piece but also helping to strengthen the writer overall. Having a piece edited is a mini writing lesson, in essence.

I’ve never considered myself as part of the “grammar police” or other harsh terms. I don’t delight in drawing attention to others’ mistakes and that’s certainly not why I became an editor. I do love the excitement of seeing a piece become stronger though and, even better, seeing a writer’s confidence build.

I’d be honored to read your writing and help you become an even better writer!

I’m also excited to share my new video with you!

My best to you all,

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