Writer Wednesday- Why the West Rules for Now- A Love Letter to History

Writer Wednesday

On Writer Wednesday, I discuss an author and his or her book. Today’s pick is Why the West Rules for Now: the patterns of history and what they reveal about the future by Ian Morris.

It’s Valentine’s week. While other blogs are discussing their favorite romance books or their favorite couples, fictional or real, I am choosing to write about my own love: history.

Morris’ book is proclaimed by the historian Niall Ferguson as, “The nearest thing to a unified field of history we ware ever likely to get.”This means that a great span of time is covered- from prehistory through future predictions.
 Here’s why and why it is a love of mine- History is not only description but prescription. It both describes what has happened, but it also allows for scope to determine what will happen. While I found Morris’ past arguments more convincing than his future visions, he did share his belief, that I am inclined to agree with, that hope for humanity is in part within the hands of historians. There is the possibility for greater international cooperation and peace if the lessons of history are learned from.

Morris’ book is expansive in its undertaking, covering culture, religion, politics, economics, nations and International Relations. It is a thrilling book and highly recommended.

A brighter future? A happily ever after? Now that’s worth falling in love with. Hooray for history and its potential!

My best to you all,

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