Writer Wednesday- Uncharted Redemption

Writer Wednesday

Hello! On Writer Wednesday I discuss another author and his or her book.

Today I will be discussing Keely Brooke Keith’s second book in the Uncharted series: Uncharted Redemption. Keely kindly provided me with a free advance review copy of her story. For more information about when the book is releasing and where to pre-order, see this post on her cover reveal that I participated in last week.

Keely’s books are described as a mix of historical fiction, scifi and romance. This book certainly benefited from mixing those genres more than the previous story. Although book one was interesting and engaging, it is a joy to see how much Keely has progressed as an author. I enjoyed her use of metaphor, particularly related to one character and her violin. Expanding upon book one, the characters leap from the page and the off-island scenes in a barely future world at war add immediacy to protecting the hidden land of the island, that remains shrouded in pre Civil War tradition and lore.

Focusing on secondary characters from book one, Uncharted Redemption tells the story of Levi as he struggles to build a life of his own, apart from his estranged father’s, on the island. What is perhaps most touching about this story is Levi’s ability to move beyond tradition, when the dictates of his heart demand it. Reminiscent of Dr. Quinn on an island in the near future, this book is interesting and engaging and a strong follower to book one. In this case, the sequel really is better. Book your ticket back to the island today, via pre-order, and sneak among the Grey Leaf trees to view this hidden land and the stories of its residents!

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