Writer Wednesday- Reason and Persuasion with Plato

Writer Wednesday

It’s time for Writer Wednesday, when I discuss another author and his or her work. Today, we’re stepping into ancient Greece to sit down with Plato. Only, this book isn’t anything like ordinary Plato. Think philosophy plus super heroes! Think clever cartoons generously interspersed throughout the updated lines of the best known philosopher.

I have mentioned before how I’m a big fan of Coursera. I’ve taken several of their free courses on a variety of subjects, which have provided excellent research materials. In college, I took two philosophy courses that dealt with Plato and I was intrigued when I saw the Coursera course by the same title of the book Reason and Persuasion: Three Dialogues by Plato. The class is actually taught by John Holbo who wrote the commentary chapters and illustrated this book. The modern translations of Plato are done by his wife, Belle Waring. He kindly made pdf copies of his book available for free to the students enrolled in his class.

Holbo relates that philosophy ought to be present and thought-provoking, something that is at times lost in translation in old copies of the text. This book presented familiar ideas of Plato, but in a fresh and engaging way. Whether you’re old chums with Plato or you’ve not yet conversed, I’d recommend this very interesting book!

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