Writer Wednesday: Quantum

Writer Wednesday

On today’s Writer Wednesday, I’m discussing Quantum: Einstein, Bohr and the Great Debate about the Nature of Reality by Manjit Kumar.

The beginning of the twentieth century heralded in a new era for physics. Theoretical physics, mathematical physics and the new branch of quantum mechanics thundered onto the academic scene. In this highly engaging story, the readers are offered a behind the scenes tour of the scientists, the lives they led and their discoveries.

One highly appealing aspect of this book is the way that it’s written. Quantum physics might not seem like a riveting topic, but Kumar has the readers on the edge of their seats throughout. Another highlight is understanding the great respect that the men had for each other, even when their ideas differed, as well as seeing the scientists as humans. Their flaws, personal and academic, are exposed as well as greatness. It allows one to not only understand the quantum and the great scientific discoveries of the age, but also to realize that even greatness had setbacks. This is an inspiring and highly informative work for anyone interested in science or early twentieth century history.

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