Writer Wednesday- National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Night Sky

Writer Wednesday

On Writer Wednesday, I discuss an author and his or her book. Today’s pick is the National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Night Sky.

Stars have long been admired by humanity. They inspire, offer wishes, illuminate mythological understanding, and now, thanks to ever-improving telescopes- they literally show us windows into the past. Because of red-shifting and the delay from light reaching us on earth (For example, sunlight that we receive left the sun 8 minutes earlier) astronomers are able to view what has already happened. But you don’t have to be a highly skilled astronomer to see amazing things in the night sky. You can begin in your own backyard!

This book, with chapters devoted to the constellations, the planets, deep space objects and how to use telescopes, among several others, offers both a practical guide as well as very interesting information and stunning photography: hallmarks of National Geographic excellence.

Dive right in and begin your exploration of the universe!

My best to you all,

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