Writer Wednesday: Mermaid

Writer Wednesday

Hello! It’s time for Writer Wednesday, when I discuss another author and his or her book.

Today’s pick is Mermaid by Carolyn Turgeon. An earlier post featured Turgeon’s Godmother and The Fairest of Them All. Turgeon has a unique style that takes a classic fairytale and turns it on its head.

This particular story is a retelling of the Little Mermaid, told through the view of two princesses- a mermaid (Lenia)  and a princess of the Northern Kingdom (Margrethe). Turgeon’s tales depart from happily ever after and the sugared stories of Disney that we have come to know and love. It doesn’t make Turgeon’s tales any less loveable, though. In fact, their deep undertones, as strong as Lenia’s sea currents, pull the reader into pools of concern and caring about the characters.

Part of the strength of this book is that Turgeon presents two paths that can emerge. The reader is vested in both. They are mutually exclusive and yet the reader wants both to happen. In order to find out what does happen, you’ll have to read for yourself. As a side note, they are also now making a movie based on the book.

Living so near the sea, I found myself thinking of Lenia and Margrethe and could almost picture them coming alive there. That’s the power of good fiction.

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