Writer Wednesday: Hallelujah!

Writer Wednesday


On Writer Wednesday, I discuss another author and his or her work. Today’s pick is Hallelujah: The Story of a Musical Genius and the City that Brought his Masterpiece to Life by Jonathan Bardon.

The Hallelujah chorus is instantly recognizable to many. What is not as well known is its fascinating back story. Bardon paints a portrait not just of Handel, its famous composer, but of the circumstances surrounding its creation and first performance. Furthermore, Bardon depicts 18th century Dublin society and Ireland as a whole, where Handel’s masterpiece was first performed. He addresses why Handel’s success was tied to a Dublin premier instead of presenting the work in London. I found it very interesting being able to picture the places and streets in Dublin that Bardon wrote about as I read about their place in this story. A colorful cast of characters helped to bring this piece to life. Their legacy continues through each new performance of the classic piece.

Handel’s work, and Hallelujah in particular, have a unique place in the history of music and the Georgian world at large. Famine, scandal, concern for a loss of faith and debtor prison all have a piece in this story. Delve in to discover more!

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