Writer Wednesday- Global Cultures

Writer Wednesday


It’s time fore “Writer Wednesday”, where I discuss another author and a book of his or hers. Today, I’d like to talk about Understanding Global Cultures: Metaphorical Journeys through 28 Nations, Clusters of Nations and Contients by Martin Gannon. For Christmas one year in college, while I was studying history-focused international relations, my aunt and uncle gave me this book.

This book mixes metaphor with international relations and understanding and is engaging and fascinating to read. Each chapter is devoted to a different country or region. The way in which citizens view their relationships with others, public or private life, nationally held ideals and beliefs and the understanding that a country has in its place in the world are all ideas that are addressed through the metaphors. Some metaphors instantly spring to mind, such as the Great Wall for China or football for the United States. Others are not as obvious, but become clear through the enlightening explanations such as Christmas lunch for Denmark or a backpack for Canada.

Through the words of Gannon, a better understanding of the world is only a book away.

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