Writer Wednesday: George Washington’s Secret Six

Writer Wednesday

It’s time for Writer Wednesday, when I discuss another author and his or her book.

Long before 007, there was George Washington’s Secret Six. These were the men (and one woman!) who helped to uncover the secrets that turned the tide toward the patriots’ favor during the American Revolution. Kilmeade’s and Yaeger’s book, with the subtitle, The Spy Ring that Saved the American Revolution, tells the story of exactly that. It is a fascinating story that paints a picture of the setting for the colonists, particularly located around New York City. What was it like to have the British as occupiers? How was the spy ring enacted? Who was in charge? What were the coded number systems used as identification? And just who were the secret six? History has now uncovered the identities of each of the men. The woman remains a mystery. Time is also given to the counter-side, the British version. And of course, deception and the American Revolution would be incomplete without mention of Benedict Arnold. He appears in this colorful tale of historical narrative as well.
If you’re interested in history, espionage or the American Revolution, this is a very interesting read!

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