When Aurora Woke Launch Day!

When Aurora Woke While Aurora Slept

“Fairy tales don’t really ever end. They keep going. And so does the story of when I woke up.”

It’s launch day! I’m excited to share with you what happens next, after Aurora wakes up.

Five Reasons to Read When Aurora Woke:

  1. You’ve read While Aurora Slept and this is its sequel!
  2. There are even more kingdoms, maybe even one under the sea. Did someone say mermaids?
  3. The magic of Sleeping Beauty’s colors may not be confined to her dreams anymore.
  4. You want to find out what happens next with Aurora, Midnight, Philip, Tilly, Edora, and maybe meet some new friends.
  5. You want to find out if Simeon, the half-hawk, half-man from Aurora’s dreams, exists in the waking world…

Bonus Reason! $1 of every purchase goes to support charities that help the needy, in honor of the Starving Lands in this book.

When Aurora Woke is out today around the world!

Get my copy now!

My best to you all,


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