The Journey of a Book: Flight Before Dawn

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Today’s the day! Flight Before Dawn launches around the world today! 
As we celebrate its launch into the world, I’d like to show you the behind the scenes journey of a book. 
It begins with an idea. For me, this was sparked by my visit to Normandy when I lived in Germany. 
These postcards and museum ticket represent that firsthand experience. 

Next comes research. Each of these books, complete with tabs of notes sticking out, represent part of the research that went into the creation of Flight Before Dawn. There were various other sources that were also used, including online archives and my educational background.

Next, came the writing. Flight Before Dawn was written entirely by hand. It began with this notebook. 

I kept filling notebooks, until I hit the end at page 973.

These are my six complete notebooks filled with the story of Flight Before Dawn.

Next came the typing. 
Then it was time to edit. I edit on my e reader. Then I returned to the computer to implement my notes. Then I read again on my reader. These steps repeat for awhile. 

Then, there’s all the various stages of publication, including layout and cover design and proofing everything. There are advance reader copies. And finally….

There’s a completed book!

Flight Before Dawn is available in hardcover, paperback and ebook!

Now, the next stage is the readers. That’s where you come in! 
If you’d like to read Flight Before Dawn, you can find out more information here: and find me on Goodreads here .

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