Thanksgiving, Shopping, Gratitude and what it all means…


Hello! Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve seen a lot about sales happening on Thanksgiving and whether one should go to them. Some people are very adamant. Here are my thoughts. Remember that the best you can give anyone is your time. With that in mind, it’s ok to shop for big sales- it’s great even that Americans are so generous. We recently tied for the top most giving nation in the world. It’s wonderful that the holidays inspire giving at soup kitchens, food pantries and angel tree donations and that people are so willing to give to complete strangers. Shopping for loved ones is also not just commercialism, it’s wanting to give. That’s commendable. 
Today, though, it’s ok to pause to say thanks first for what already is present, without having to acquire more. Your family and friends most want you, not what you wrap for them. As much as I love Christmas in Europe, as an American married to a European, I like that in the States we pause first to say thanks, to be grateful, at the beginning of our holiday season. So, maybe today, pause- say thanks and then when you do go out to shop, you’ll be less busy, more focused, and with a heart full of gratitude. That’s the best way to begin. 
That’s what I’ll be doing today, as I bake pies in my great-grandmother’s pie dishes and think of the early American settlers and the Native Americans that are a part of my cultural and personal ancestral heritage.

I’m grateful for my family and friends- for all of you- and I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!
And now a beautiful reminder of those simple gifts… 

My best to you all,

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