Stepping into the Regal History of Bavarian Castles

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The castles of Germany are known for inspiring fairy tales. Perhaps, the most famous of all: Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, was the model for Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Disneyland. With its grotto and gold-dripping grandeur, Ludwig II, King of Bavaria, was definitely making a statement with his mountain top home. With debts too numerous and mounting insanity on the King’s part, Neuschwanstein was left unfinished when Ludgwig II mysteriously died with his doctor in a nearby lake.

Although Neuschwanstein is beautiful, especially for its exterior views, my favorite of Ludgwig’s castles that I’ve visited is Herrenchiemsee. Smaller and less well known, it’s situated in the middle of a lake and has stunningly beautiful rooms. It’s modeled after Versailles and is dedicated to Louis XIV. You can take a “tour” by visiting the website. Like Neuschwanstein, it too was incomplete when Ludgwig II died. 
With such grandiose visions, Ludgwig was unable to finance his dreams. But, what he’s left is a piece of German fantasy that rivals anything of fiction. If all the oddities and eccentricities are ignored, history- in its palaces, grottos and mirrored halls, can be astoundingly beautiful.
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