In honor of St. Patrick’s Day…

Writer Wednesday

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, today’s Writer Wednesday, features a round-up of previous Writer Wednesdays on books about Ireland.

Dublin was where Handel’s Hallelujah first debuted to the world. This book explores the story behind it.

Trivia style information for each of the counties of Ireland is explored in this interesting read.

In 1014, a battle was waged on the outskirts of Dublin between Leinster and Vikings and Brian Boru. This is the story behind it.

Transatlantic is the only work of fiction on this round-up. It explores the special relationship on both sides of the Atalntic that the US and Ireland share through many historical periods.

Have you read books about Ireland? Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Our tradition is to watch our town’s parade and eat lunch at the once yearly buffet of… Indian food. Not what you expected I’d say?  Thought it’d be something more like corned beef and cabbage? Ireland has always been a place of mixing cultures. Many nationalities have made Ireland home, including this American when she married her Irish husband- who, incidentally, has never had corned beef before and thought it was funny when I said that we all wear green on St. Patrick’s day or risk being pinched. Some people do wear green here, but it’s often with orange and white to symbolize the three colors of the Irish flag. Do you know what they stand for? Green is for the Gaelic and Catholic tradition of Ireland. Orange is for the Protestant supporters of William of Orange. And white is for the peace that stands between them.

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