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Today’s post is all about the Twitter alphabet soup of hashtags that helps writers. 

#pitmad – This is a contest on Twitter, held on certain appointed days, where writers can pitch their story idea to agents or editors that are watching the Twitter feed.

#pitchmas – This is a contest on Twitter, that is like #pitmad but is held right before Christmas.

#pitchwars – This is a contest where authors submit through a blog and have the opportunity to receive guidance from a mentor (if they are chosen). Agents then have the opportunity to make requests after the mentor has helped the writer on the manuscript. 

** #Pitmad and #Pitchwars are run by Brenda Drake. 
** #Pitchmas is run by Jessa Russo and Tamara Mataya

Agent Information: 

#mswl- This is a hashtag used by agents or editors (rather than writers) to tweet about particular types of books they are interested in. It stands for manuscript wishlist. Although this began as a hashtag that was used on certain appointed days, some agents and editors use it whenever they have a particular item to add to their wishlists. 

#agentadvice – Agents posting advice use this hashtag.

#10queries – Some agents go through 10 queries in their inbox/mail and tweet about each of the 10 queries. They may explain why they choose to accept or pass on each query. This happens on various days, dependent on the decision of the particular agent. There is no appointed day for it, as there is with the contests above. 

#askagent- Some agents open the Twitter floor for questions and use this hashtag to do so. 


#amwriting – This is used by writers, to tweet things related to what they are writing about. 

#amreading – This is used by readers, to tweet things they are reading about. 
#amrevising – This is used by writers, to tweet things they are revising or editing. 
Are there other useful twitter hashtags that you know about that you’d like to add? 
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