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Readers will know that my novels take place across many time periods. It all began with Flight Before Dawn, with Victoire struggling against occupation from inside of the French Resistance. Painted Faces, my fifth novel, was the next to return to that era. Set in 1938, it foreshadowed what was to come as the storm clouds gathered across Europe and WWII loomed large. Framed, my eighth historical, sees Anna fighting her own battle from within the fortress of Switzerland. Like Victoire, she’s angered by all she sees. Like Victoire, she’ll require bravery and more strength than she could imagine. And like Victoire, there’s a secret that will shake everything that Anna knows… or maybe more than one… but one HUGE secret that I’m bursting to tell you about… but I won’t spoil that for you.

An art teacher in WWII Switzerland, she’s supposed to be neutral.
When Anna receives a letter by accident, everything changes.
Truth demands bravery instead.

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