Encouragement to Let Your Light Shine, especially for writers

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You have a unique perspective, a story inside of you that has never been written before. That’s magic! The words, the characters, the setting, the themes, they are there to breathe life into truths inside of you, bursting to break free of their confines and shine in the world. It’s that simple and that complicated. Even when clouds of rejection roll across your sky though, just remember that the sun (your unique gift and story) is still always there. It may look like night, but the sun still shines. And by night, we learn to dream, to remember the sunlight and welcome it when we see it again. 
In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” Let your light shine! Unlike other work, no one can take your place. If you’re absent, there are no substitutes. If you don’t write your story, it will never be told.
You are the only person in the entire world that can write what you do. Believe. Keep Going. Shine. 
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