Colonial Williamsburg

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Last week, I spoke about where authors find their ideas. One of the things that I mentioned was visiting historical sights.

Colonial Williamsburg is one such inspiring location. Here, the past comes alive through living history. Living history locations and historical fiction have a lot in common. Both

make the past able to be experienced and relevant to the present through infusing it with life. In Williamsburg, the past can be heard in the sound of the fife and drum, tasted in the Shrewsbury cakes and Brunswick stew and viewed through the colonial buildings.

Wandering through the streets and into the shops, buying soap or a tri-corner hat, hearing a re-enacted court case or seeing the bird bottles where nests are built in the spring, are a few of the many ways that life in the 1700s can be experienced at this historic sight.

If you are ever in Virginia, I highly recommend that you visit this fun, informative and fascinating place.

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