January 23, 2020

Writing is a lot like reading… the more characters you meet, the more you want to get to know; the more stories you become a part of, the more that call to you.

November 28, 2019

I’m thankful for my readers and clients! Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving! As the leaves now fall down Golden, orange, and tawny brown Abundant harvest gathered in Autumn’s bounty, here again Thankful hands and thankful heart Celebrate God’s vibrant art

May 8, 2019

May 8th, 1945. 74 years ago. After years of war, peace reigned supreme once again across Europe. We think of curtains signalling the close of an event. Rather than curtains pulling the world into darkness, though, they were flung open, to once again welcome the light. This particular day and the imagery of welcoming light…

December 1, 2018

Extra Ink Edits is proud to introduce Extra Ink Edits Designs! Visit the gallery to view more designs and reserve your ebook cover today. All designs will be sold to only one person and are sized for Kindle ebooks.    

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